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$29.99  FREE  LED Dog Collar (Just Pay Shipping)

Each year in the US alone, over 6 million dogs and cats are killed on the road. Almost all of these deaths take place at night or during poor weather where the driver cannot see well... This collar could save your dog's life.

  • Due to the bright glowing light from the collar, vehicles will be able to see your dog well in advanced.
  • Comfortable, user friendly and easily adjustable.
    • 4 modes: quick strobe; slowly flashing; steady; off, all with the push of a button.
    • Battery Life: appr 60-80 hours (replaceable batteries)
    • Waterproof

    X-Small -->  (teacup dogs like Yorkies)
    Small ----->  (tiny dogs and puppies like Terriers)
    Medium -->  (small to medium sized dogs like Spaniels)
    Large ----->  (large sized dogs like Rottweilers)
    X-Large ---> (huge dogs like Mastiffs)

    *Limit 5 Per Order

    Hit "Add to Cart" and let us send you this awesome LED Safety Dog collar for FREE! It's better to be safe than sorry. Your dog is worth it!


    *Please Allow 12-21 Days For Shipping